من نحن

Mosul Space

On the 22th of May, 2014 before ISIS attacks on Mosul, an idea comes up to create a community that brings the youth together in order to make something different and share ideas, experiences and projects. As a result of the poor education, the narrow- minded community, we decided to provide a place that could lead the unguided efforts of the youth so we brought Mosul Space to light. In such a place, these people have the opportunity to learn, create and share. First meetings of Mosul Space founders took place at their university and they start training the students in electronics and how to build some projects on their own. After that Mosul falls under ISIS control and most of Mosul Space team got out of the city but they didn’t stop these activities, they did many events and worked hard on developing this community more and more. Learn, Make, Share three words describe what a Makerspace means. Mosul Space is the first Makerspace intends improve youth skills in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and education and provide the best environment for them such as materials, good place and supervisors. It aims to train the youth how to follow the labor markets in order to start their own successful projects. This place where the makers gather in, provides required tools, labs, workshops and mentors. Youth in Mosul used to depend on government employment because they don’t need any skills or experience to be government employer, but after ISIS came to Iraq, the Iraqi economy has collapsed so there is a severe need to start-up culture and entrepreneurship, before we decided to develop a social media campaign we did a survey and we got four results: 1- No Awareness from NGOs and private sector about entrepreneurship. 2- No start-up culture inside Mosuliy young people. 3- The positive things is there is a big gap in Mosul Market so it’s easy to start-up. 4- Lack in personal skills (Business, Administration, Marketing… etc..) Mosuliy youth doesn’t have any skills they depend on university curriculum which out-dated and doesn’t fit the market needs. We aspire to Spread the culture of entrepreneurship in Mosul and connect the entrepreneurs to international networks to get experience and knowledge about what’s going on in the outside world. Our goal is to see entrepreneurs we helped have their own successful companies and business, to see the students start improving their skills and find a good job after graduation or start their own business and doesn’t depend on government jobs and to reduce the stress on youth about how to find a job and get money by providing a place where they can share their goals, aspirations and constraints to get help and fulfill their dreams.



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